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"I am the sweet girl next door, young mother of two, bored and with a husband who is very limited in bed, doing what he can to help me find sexual release and who unfortunately very often falls short of achieving his goals. Rather than see me look elsewhere for what he isn't able to give me himself, we have agreed that I should use phone sex as an outlet for my sexual needs. Any money I make is also mine so it the best of imperfect situation."

"I am here to please you and to satisfy all your needs, knowing that this will in turn release all my own intense sexual energy!!! I swear I'll climb the walls if I get any hornier or bounce bounce (okay well bouncing is a good thing) Come and play with this lonely out of the way sweetie who is just ready to beg and beg to please you."

"My callers tell me I have a really sexy voice. I think I do but I'll let you be the judge of that. One thing is sure though, I love bringing men to orgasm during a live phone sex call."

"I do anything and everything to turn you on and get you to come just like I like my men to come. There is nothing sexier than listening to a man have an orgasm by telephone. When I do orgasm myself, it is usually at that precise moment!"

"I truly am a fetish addict. The more taboo or fetish a sexual fantasy is considered to be, the more it usually turns me on. We all know that it is not always possible to act out some our more "substantive" fantasies in the real word. For starters, they could be illegal, or worse, even dangerous. Phone Sex on the other hand offers a completely safe alternative. You've got to try it to believe it"

"Some people believe life is all a big act, a theatre where we perform our roles a parents, spouses, citizen etc.. One thing is sure though: sex can be the greatest theatre of all and through role play, I can bring you to the finest and best play on earth."

Fetish comes in many flavors. Whatever your pleasure, or pain, our numbers give you access to the hottest phone sluts you have dreamed about!

  1. Two toll free phone sex numbers for all our callers from the USA and Canada
  2. As well as a local phone number for our callers from the UK!.

For those of you who are regular visitor to our website and who enjoyed our sexy phone girls before,
the following telephone number is already known to you:

US Phone Sex - 1-877-405-5483

We also have a brand new number that can save you even more money whilst maintaining the level of excellence we are known for!

This an incredible offer providing true cheap phone sex at a price you can afford! How cheap?

  • Call now and enjoy 15 minutes of phone sex for $19.95
    First time callers: Take a $5 automatic discount!

US Cheap Phone Sex - 1-888-247-0224

And for all our great callers from the United Kingdom, finally a number we can be proud of! Available on our other websites for a while now, we are truly delighted to be able to extend this UK offer on this site as well!

When you call this local number from any where in the UK, you will be patched through to our call center in the US, giving you access to an incredible choice of women, men and even shemales. The price for this service is a low £1.50 per minute and the cost of a local telephone call in the UK. (No international charges added!)

UK Phone Sex - 0983-939-2210 x 1351

(UK Phone Sex Customer Service: 0844 888850)


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